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European Village

Numerous information about this country could have been obtained on the basis of prepared posters, which have been created by the cooperation of students and teachers. These posters adorned the walls of the houses where we were placed. The aforementioned way those who have been interested could get information about Sweden, of his National Abisko Park as well as about the well-known Vikings and they got familiar with the money that are used there. Visitors were able to see pictures and read information about famous writers, actors and directors who come from this country. Those, who were the most interested, were divided maps and brochures relating to Sweden. We cheered up children with flags and pendants that indicated the support the school received from the people who work at the embassy. We were thankful for the guests who visited our school and consorted with us during the week of Sweden. What most attracted attention was the Viking ship and weapons of large dimensions, which were made of wood and paper, as well as the flag of the prescribed size, which were beautifully developed by the wind. Many were interested for the Swedish model house which was also exposed. Completely unexpected, we found some Sweden’s in front of our stand, who were in more details examined everything that our school prepared for this event. They expressed through conversation their enthusiasm for delight efforts and comprehensive work.   They had a great fun recognizing curiosities of their country, and their comments are the most accurate feedback that we have done quality work. Other visitors were pleasantly surprised by the fact that on our stand everything was shared for free. Fiorela Omaljev, Jovana Delic, Marija Delic i Milica Vukov presented us on the stage, who were dressed in St. Lucia and in that way they showed the holiday of light and the method of celebrating it. And the cream on the cake was when Harča Andrea, Bodo Timea and Mezei Simona sang the song Mama Mia by the most famous Swedish group ABBA, and for that the girls received a big applause from the audience. We believe that the goal that pupils from the school familiarize with Sweden in a creative and very different way from now known and with the other countries presented by other schools. Many children have after school actively participated looking for new and interesting information, and went home with positive impressions. We hereby thank all the students and teachers who have actively participated in this project, for their selfless efforts, valuable time and good will in the success of this project. Big thanks for our guests and friends from Sweden, whose participation made it possible to feel the spirit of Sweden in our city. Photos from the final event can be seen on the following link ; http://sdrv.ms/YQjRnY

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